Hits and Hidden Gems from Norway

The tunes you didn’t know you were longing for.

Growing up I was just like most teenagers: I listened mostly to music from the US. I was also more conservative than I am now. I clinged to the same old music.

You’ve heard it before: “Music was better before!” If we look at the Billboard lists and all that stuff, things might not look that bright. But then in my opinion there are more great music being made than ever before.

Where is this music being made? I would suggest we’re in the middle of a Golden Age for Norwegian music. My editor in beehype, Mariusz Herma, is always eager to hear about new music from the tiny country that I grew up in. He even told me beehype had a playlist where the artists sung in Scandinavian languages. It was a big hit Internationally!

While touring full time as a musician, I got to discover how rich the Norwegian music scene is and how great the interest for Norwegian music is internationally. These days I’m researching and reviewing new music for Subjekt and beehype. It’s great fun but then there are all the fantastic music that’s not fresh enough for me write about on their news oriented platforms.

What I present here for you is a curated playlist of what I find to be a selection of the best Norwegian music. Although you’ll find some hits the list mainly consists of songs none of my friends have ever heard of. Hopefully they will now.

Please note that I have not included songs from the last couple of years. I might create another playlist for that. Eventually you can check out my editorial recommendations on beehype.

I hope you enjoy and that this list might help you in these trying times!

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Published by Edvard Granum Dillner

Edvard Granum Dillner (b. 1997) is a writer, musician, and multi-artist. Dillner contributes to art and music publications KUNST, Paragone, beehype, Ballade, and GAFFA.

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