– Nothing is greater than the power of music.

For a couple of years I was touring the world full-time. Following my departure from the touring lifestyle, my focus has shifted from performing to composing.



Following my graduation from high school, I toured the world as a musician with my class-mate Jakob Ogawa. As a bassist, I was instrumental in making the music come alive on the stage, adding funk elements and more energy.

The highlight was opening Main Stage 1 at Lollapalooza Argentina in 2018. The concert got broadcasted live on Argentinean TV and radio, and Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals and Red Hot Chilli Peppers were the following acts on the stage that day. It was a full-circle moment, as I learned playing the art of bass playing by practicing the basslines of RHCP’s Flea.

Jakob’s music recieved praise from artists such as Tyler The Creator and Chloë Grace Moretz. On Spotify Jakob currently has 1.5 millon mountly listeners.


Due to severe health issues I eventually gave up the touring lifestyle. Today I’m settled in the city of Oslo, working on my own music. Quitting touring resulted in a more introspect and experimental approach to music. I started recording small pieces on the old piano at my parents’ house to my iPad and combine them with electronic elements.

When touring as a musician I developed an overview and passion for the Norwegian music scene, resulting in my many contributions to both Norwegian and international publications.


From the LANY World Tour, Spring 2017.
The eternal cycle, 2019–. Starting in Christmas of 2019 I decided to publish one piece of music every week on my SoundCloud page. If you don’t wanna miss out, go follow me over there.

Music for motion pictures

In 2020 I did a collaboration with poet Runa Aa. Skjeldal. She wrote a poem and sent it over to me. I read the poem and composed a piece inspired by the poem. I then sent it back to Runa and then she did put this video together. A fun little collaboration.


With his four long-haired buddies, Jakob Ogawa makes very pleasant music with a nostalgic, dreamy tone – almost like vapourwave with surf guitar. The single “All Your Love” seriously brings us into a universe of cosmic lounge jazz. The funky bass lines help.

Concert review by Eivind August Westad Stuen in Aftenposten

Sympathetic, drowsy and mildly psychedelic guitar pop so sunny that you can almost see the air melting over the speakers. Indie prince Mac DeMarco after a couple of umbrella drinks, if you will.

Concert review by Kim Klev in Dagbladet

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