– My focus in life is the same as it has always has been: Trying new things.

My great-grandmother Liv Lundberg’s third novel and her wax Candles and stamp. Liv Lundberg had three novels published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag in the 30’s and 40’s. Photo: Olha Korop.

In my early teens my art history teacher introduced me to the ideal of the uomo universale. At that point, it felt like I had found my calling. Or, it had found me. Since the ideal is impossible to achive, I’m always motivated to go futher.

My curiousity has led to a variety of experiences. I’ve made award winning animated short films, toured the world as a musician and worked with art mediation for a variety of institutions.

Since 2019 my professional focus has been writing. I currently hold a position as writer and critic for KUNST, the leading Nordic art magazine. I also serve as beehype’s Norwegian correspondante and as a board member for Paragone. I occationally do freelance work for publications such as GAFFA and Ballade.

Selected press:
Universitas: Interview
Trafo.no: Interview

Futher reading:
Wikipedia (Norwegian)

Photo: Olha Korop.

Career highlights

  • 2022: Join KUNST Magazine. Published in Ballade, GAFFA and Musikknyheter.no.

  • 2021: Interviewed by Trafo.no.

  • 2020: Accepted as member of the Norwegian Critic’s Association.

  • 2019: Begin professional career as critic of music and art. First published in Paragone, Subjekt and beehype. Complete one year program in Art History at the University of Oslo.

  • 2018: Perform at Lollapalooza Argentina and Roskilde program launch.

  • 2017: European Tour x 2 + festivals. Curate first exhibition.

  • 2016: Join Jakob Ogawa’s band as a bassist.

  • 2013-2016: Pursue visual arts at Oslo by Steinerskole.

  • 2013-2014: Writer for Egmont Publishing.

  • 2011-2013: Moderator for Egmont Publishing.

  • 2010: Awarded the Amandus award (Norwegian Junior Oscar’s).

  • 2009: Awarded international movie awards (Chicago, Hamburg).

  • 1997: Born in Oslo.

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Interview with Klaus Mäkelä

It was by coincident that I first came to meet Klaus Mäkelä. The conversation moved smoothly when we met on a plane from Helsinki to Oslo. When I asked the conductor whether he would be interested in doing an Interview, he was positive. So here I am, entering the main hall of Oslo Concert hall through a secret door, witnessing a rehearsal.

Orchestrated: Electronica

In 2011 British electronica group Nero made their first grand masterpiece. Although the work got dubbed as the “dubstep symphony”, the work features a big variation in genres. Although the work is not to be called a proper symphony, as it’s no long than 18 minutes, Nero managed to fit alot into this piece.

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