My name is Edvard and I’m a creative professional dedicated to great storytelling and communication. I’ve got experience from the art world, music business and publishing.

My main expertise is in writing, primarly in Norwegian. I’m also experienced in curating, music performance and filmmaking.

I currently hold a position as writer and critic for KUNST, Scandinavia’s largest art magazine. I’m also published in Paragone, Ballade, GAFFA, beehype, Musikknyheter.no, PUTSJ, Fletta, Splittet kjerne, Subjekt and Rapsode. I’ve gotten press for my work in VG, Dagbladet, NRK, Morgenbladet, trafo.no and Universitas.

Feel free to reach out!

Photo: Åse Kathrine Dahle / Galleri Grotten

Latest blog posts

Interview with Klaus Mäkelä

It was by coincident that I first came to meet Klaus Mäkelä. The conversation moved smoothly when we met on a plane from Helsinki to Oslo. When I asked the conductor whether he would be interested in doing an Interview, he was positive. So here I am, entering the main hall of Oslo Concert hall through a secret door, witnessing a rehearsal.

Orchestrated: Electronica

In 2011 British electronica group Nero made their first grand masterpiece. Although the work got dubbed as the “dubstep symphony”, the work features a big variation in genres. Although the work is not to be called a proper symphony, as it’s no long than 18 minutes, Nero managed to fit alot into this piece.

New Norwegian Indie

Photo: Lars Tiede. (Creative Commons Licence.) Throughout the year I write about new Norwegian releases for the cultural magazine Subjekt and the international music site beehype. This means I need to keep an eye on what’s happening in the local music scenes. 2020 was a rough year for all of us. Covid-19 had a hugeContinue reading “New Norwegian Indie”