– My main focus is writing. My written work spans from literary, journalistic, and academic writing to content writing.

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Art criticism

I’ve written reviews of exhibitions, art books, and comics. I’ve also written essays, and commentary, and conducted interviews with artists.

Since January 2022 my main project has been KUNST Magazine, published by Fineart. I’ve interviewed artists like Ahmed Umar, Johannes Høie and Klaus Mäkelä, and written essays on Piranesi and architecture. As KUNST’s art critic, I’ve written about exhibitions by artists such as Robert Irwin, Katie Paterson and Morten Jensen Vågen.

I also serve as a board member for Paragone, the journal of art history at the University of Oslo. I’ve been a writer and editorial member of Paragone since 2019.

My background consists of three years of practical training in visual arts at Oslo by Steinerskole and a one-year program certificate in art history at the University of Oslo. I’m currently doing my bachelor’s degree in Aesthetics at the same university.

Although I’m still an undergraduate, my article on Piranesi (KUNST 3/2022) was made mandatory reading for a course at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in the fall of 2022.

Content writing

I started my career in writing at Egmont, the largest media corporation in Scandinavia. The brand was Disney’s Donald Duck magazine.

Music journalism

When touring as a musician I developed an overview and passion for the Norwegian music scene. Since 2019 I’ve been covering new Norwegian music for a variety of magazines.

I’m currently serving as beehype‘s Norwegian correspondent, carefully selecting and presenting the best of new Norwegian releases. I write mini-reviews and contribute to the monthly playlists. As part of beehype’s annual Best of, I select and present the best Norwegian releases. I’ve also served as a jury member for the Subjekt award.

I also publish music criticism in Ballade and GAFFA

Fiction and autofiction

Fiction and autofiction I also write fiction. For the last couple of years, I’ve been a part of the writer’s group at Unge Viken Teater. I’ve completed courses in writing at Skrivekunstakademiet and literature at the University of Oslo. I’ve published poems and short prose in publications like Fletta and Splittet kjerne.

In December 2022 the anthology book Innafor / Utafor was published by Agenda teXt. My contribution was a short text about chronic illness and outsiderness.


Edvard Granum Dillner is a knowledgeable critic and committed journalist with good taste and the ability to convey this. He also has an in-depth understanding of both popular culture and narrower art.

Danby Choi, Editor-in-Chief, Subjekt

beehype is proud to have Edvard as our music scout and critic. While I always enjoy the links he shares with our community, Edvard’s writing adds another layer to the music demanding an immediate relisten.

Mariusz Herma, Editor, beehype

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