– My main focus is writing. My written work spans from literary, journalistic and academic writing to content writing.

I’m currently contributing to four publications. Click the links to the right to read! I primarily write in Norwegian, which is my native language, but I also sometimes write in English.

Published articles in NorwegianKUNST | Paragone | Subjekt | Musikknyheter.no
Published articles in Englishbeehype
Published fiction work in NorwegianTrafo

Art criticism

With a background of three years of practical training in visual arts and a newly discovered love for writing I went on to the University of Oslo to study Art history and Aesthetics.

I started out writing about art in Paragone, the art history journal of the University of Oslo. I’ve published articles for both print and web. My first published article, Til forsvar for tvisynest got cited in major Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet in the summer of 2019.

I’ve written reviews of exhibitions, art books and comics. I’ve also written essays, commentary and Interviews with artists

To learn about my experience in visual arts, visit the Visual Arts tab.

Content writing

I started my career in writing at Egmont. Working for the largest media corporation in Scandinavia was a great experience. The brand was Disney’s Donald Duck magazine.

Music journalism

Having a background as a touring musician I developed an overview and passion for the Norwegian music scene. Since 2019 I’ve reviewed albums and concerts for Norwegian cultural magazine Subjekt. I also contribute to the yearly Subjektprisen (The Subjekt Award) as jury member.

I was also lucky enough to get headhunted to write for international music website beehype. I’m serving as their Norwegian correspondent, carefully selecting and presenting the best of new Norwegian releases. I write mini reviews and contribute to the monthly playlists. As part of beehype’s annual Best of, I select and present the best Norwegian releases.

To learn about my experience as a musician, visit the Music tab.


I also write fiction. For the last couple of years I’ve been a part of the writers group at Unge Viken Teater. I’ve completed courses in writing at Skrivekunstakademiet and literaty sience at the University of Oslo. I’ve published texts in various publications.


Edvard Granum Dillner is a knowledgeable critic and committed journalist with good taste and the ability to convey this. He also has an in-depth understanding of both popular culture and narrower art, which is of great value to Subjekt’s cultivated, sophisticated and young adult audience.

Danby Choi, Editor-in-Chief, Subjekt

Norway has one of the most vivid music scenes in Europe and beyond, and beehype is proud to have Edvard as our music scout and critic. While I always enjoy the links he shares with our community, Edvard’s writing adds another layer to the music demanding an immediate relisten.

Mariusz Herma, Editor, beehype

Interview with Klaus Mäkelä

It was by coincident that I first came to meet Klaus Mäkelä. The conversation moved smoothly when we met on a plane from Helsinki to Oslo. When I asked the conductor whether he would be interested in doing an Interview, he was positive. So here I am, entering the main hall of Oslo Concert hall through a secret door, witnessing a rehearsal.

Orchestrated: Electronica

In 2011 British electronica group Nero made their first grand masterpiece. Although the work got dubbed as the “dubstep symphony”, the work features a big variation in genres. Although the work is not to be called a proper symphony, as it’s no long than 18 minutes, Nero managed to fit alot into this piece.

New Norwegian Indie

Photo: Lars Tiede. (Creative Commons Licence.) Throughout the year I write about new Norwegian releases for the cultural magazine Subjekt and the international music site beehype. This means I need to keep an eye on what’s happening in the local music scenes. 2020 was a rough year for all of us. Covid-19 had a hugeContinue reading “New Norwegian Indie”

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