Photo: NTB Scanpix.

At a very young age I got fascinated by the art of animation. The though of making an object come alive seemed like the ultimate form of magic. I quickly started to make my own animation shorts, first in collaboration with a friend and later all by my self. I designed, directed, edited and produced several animation shorts that I submitted to various film festivals all over the world. Screenings took place in Europe, Asia and America. At the Amandus Festival in Lillehammer I got to meet the Crown Princess of Norway and I got interviewed on live TV.

Many years later I returned to Amandus, this time as a part of the festival crew. The festival was taking a turn, expanding to become an International film festival for both children and students. I participated in both the program comittee and selection jury. I also coordinated a stop-motion workshop for kids.

Screened at
• Chicago International Film Festival
• Amandus, Lillehammer
• Mo & Frise, Hamburg
• Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival
• Up and Coming International Film Festival Hannover
• ShorTS International Film Festival, Trieste