Photo: Olha Korop.

Today, two years after its original launch, I’m officially relaunching my website The new design is slicker and the content is hopefully more interesting. The site is mainly a portfolio, but it also includes a blog in English. The goal is to connect with more cool people and contribute to more exciting and meaningful projects. A big thank you to everyone who’s giving me permission to include their photos/media etc. on the site. Also a big thank you to everyone who’s offered me work opportunities, so my self-confidence has grown from nothing to something. (KUNST, Paragone, Subjekt, beehype, Ballade, GAFFA ++)

I know, blablabla! Here’s the exciting part: This work, meaning developing a website, is also a preparation for a more extensive project I’ve got in the works: A modern-day publishing house and a website (”portal“) where creatives can discover and access tools and resources for developing and communicating their ideas and projects. More on that later …


Published by Edvard Granum Dillner

Edvard Granum Dillner (b. 1997) is a writer, musician, and multi-artist. Dillner contributes to art and music publications KUNST, Paragone, beehype, Ballade, and GAFFA.

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